Susana Martinez FAIL

In her own words. Mother Jones releases audio of Susana’s graphic attacks on women, Hispanic business and teachers [graphic audio]

The true Susana Martinez, in her own words.  That’s the first big takeaway from today’s Mother Jones article, “Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez the Next Sarah Palin?”

One Republican state legislator described her tactics thusly:  “Nastiness, misinformation, innuendo, and flat-out lies have created a toxic political environment.”

Just a week after Martinez released her first highly-polished campaign ad denouncing her national ambitions and promoting her warm and fuzzy side, new audio recordings from inside her 2010 campaign show the sexist, belittling and vindictive nature of the true Susana Martinez behind closed doors.


On Teachers & Hiding Her True Positions During the Campaign

Martinez told campaign staffers she would hide her opinions on teachers during the campaign, but she didn’t like teachers who “already don’t work,” referring to summer school breaks.

She then laughs with her chief campaign strategist, Jay McCleskey, about ways to avoid accusations that she hid her true anti-teacher feelings during the campaign

On Democrats as “Little Bitches” and “Little Retards”

Susana Martinez laughs and plays along as an aide calls Ben Lujan (former Speaker of the House and father of NM Congressman Ben Ray Lujan) is a “little retard”

Martinez slams her former Democratic opponent as “that little bitch.”

 Reminder:  Governor Martinez has actively promoted her own advocacy for her developmentally disabled sister in campaign ads, media pieces and slickly-produced profiles of her.  “Retard” as a descriptor of people like her sister has long since been considered inappropriate.

Belittling Hispanic Business Group and Women’s Job Program

Belitting the Hispano Chamber of Commerce and the Commission Helping Women Learn Job Skills and Equal Pay

Martinez dismisses the role of the “Hispano Chamber of Culture, or I don’t know what the hell it was” and Commission on the Status of Women which helps women learn job skills and advocates for policies including women in the workplace.

She laughs and agrees when her campaign manager, Jay McCleskey, makes a sexist comment suggesting one of their male campaign staffers wants to run that commission to “study more women.”


Read the full article online: “Is New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez the Next Sarah Palin?”


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50 thoughts on “In her own words. Mother Jones releases audio of Susana’s graphic attacks on women, Hispanic business and teachers [graphic audio]

    1. Gov Martinez did say or do anything worse then former Gov’s have said or done and you should have heard old chubby boy himself Richardson. Making fun of everyone. As far as Speaker Lujun Gov Martinez dd not laugh or say the words that Speaker Lujun was a retard she just was not pleased according to what I heard but of course liberal democrats make a nountainout of a fake molehill. so cut your crap mother jones it you that are going way out of your way to make or invent crap that this Gov acts ordoes what other Gov have done in fact she is more of a lady then king rachardson and others. So stuff where the sun don’t shine,

  1. Aah, the benefits of engaging women in politics. Creating a kinder, gentler, more understanding approach to dealing with problems — was supposed to result. On the Republican side, it hasn’t. Martinez is as mean and calculating as any other Republican; she just plays the nice lady better.

  2. Susan Martinez (as she was previously known) is a true believer in the Paul O’Neal Republican values of screw the less fortunate.

    Her attitude is shared by her Republican, Tea Party base, and they come out and vote.

    So instead of whining about how she is “this or that” get out and vote, and bring your friends with you. People get the government they deserve, if they do nothing.

    1. you fool, take a quick look to realize that the system is set up. check the pattern. more than likely you voted for obama and would defend such hipnoticly unjustified courses of action on his part. right, left its all the same game. WAKE UP.

      1. Wow, I have no clue what you are trying to write. Please go back and finish 4th grade. I am able to decipher that you are bringing our President into this discussion, but I have no idea why. This is not about him, it is about the New Mexican governor.

    2. … and you got the information that she wants to screw the less fortunate from that audio tape? You do understand that when you think with your emotions, you’re irrational. It’s a physiological fact. I listened to the audio and found her to be refreshing, light-hearted and human. If her worst flaw is her sense of humor, then she’s got my support!

  3. yawn.. even politicians are allowed to have their own opinions and isnt recording someone without their knowledge illegal in this state?

    1. Yes they are allowed to have their own opinion. Too bad when she is in public her “opinions ” change. At least have some conviction in your views. I would expect nothing different from a Governor who stole private business’s under the guise of fraud,so she can give those same companies to out of state interests. I am sure there wasn’t any campaign money involved in that deal.

      1. her opinons don’tchange it how she states them what do you liberal want new meico gov to come ot a say hell damn and crap like that no that her personal speak just like we all have you don’t go to work and act like you do at home . shut the hell up liberals . if I had vice proof what I and others have heard coming out or Richardson mouth and other s you would say it their right to have their own thoughts. darn you idiots

      2. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and I don’t have a problem with that. What I do have a problem with, be it politician or not) are people who think that being Janus is OK. What bugs me most about politicians is they are supposed to be getting elected to work for us, the people. Unfortunately due to gerrymandering, we no longer pick our elected officials. They now just draw (or redraw) the districts so they get the votes they need, to keep the job they don’t do.It’s why the polls show such low satisfaction, but the same old people still keep the job.
        Blatherskite: One who uses many words to say nothing. Politician: See Blatherskite.:

      1. Tazio, you are so full of shit. Most people speak casually and off the cuff when they’re wire tapped illegally. I know that you could never hold up to such scrutiny because you cannot even speak civilly on a PUBLIC forum Look at your words; they are worse than anything she had to say.

    1. Yes, well those with honor, morals, ethics and integrity anyway. Which SHOULD be everyone in an intelligent functional society.
      Our nation may be devolving but shouldn’t we expect the highest values from the people who “lead” us?

    1. Its a new day. Rael for Governor. We’ve got to vote this ignoramus, hater… O-U-T. She’s dropped our state to the BOTTOM in Education and Jobs Creation. I mean like 49 & 50. Look it up.

    2. you have no idea what the creep did against new mexico and it citizens more importantly against the workers for the state if you want I can tell you stories that would go on for days and days aout old chubby boy Richardson. hell no he needs to stay away from public life forever

  4. Lets see, in these tapes she despises fellow Hispanics, fellow Women, The late Speaker of the NM House, Democrats, deems her female opponent ‘a bitch’, despises her own Governor’s Cabinet… Seems the ONLY people she does NOT despise are her Texas Oil Money campaign funders. And that was in only 5 minutes… Oh that’s right, she says teachers are worthless and lazy, and that they’re paid too much. LMAO. Did I forget anything??? CREEPY.

    1. These tapes did not show that she despises anyone! You sir, are a liar and cannot speak the truth because your emotions are getting in the way. Try to be objective. Gov. Martinez is funny, and she’s human. That’s more than I can say for you, a man who spreads lies.

      1. You’re obviously not a teacher or have kids in school,or poor.So go on and vote for her if you’s not my state.If ,however you’re worried about the quality of education in NM,or if corporatons are paying their fair share of the tax burden and not shifting it to homeowners,or that your governor has staff that refers to people as retards,then you might want to reconsider that vote.See I live in Maine and our governor has done stuff like this in public and that’s not how we want people to think of our state.But if you’re OK with your top elected official belittling opponents and calling those she doesn’t agree with names,then maybe she’s what you deserve.

  5. For the record — I am a teacher. I EARN all of my pay between Aug 10 and the end of May. I then, IF I WORK FOR A DISTRICT THAT DOES THIS, receive the remainder of my money in June & July (which is only TWO months) simply to help my budget & the paying of my bills.

    1. Kim, I taught in New Mexico from 1957 to 1998, in both publilc and private schools. In the fifties we worked ten months and were paid ten months. My wife and I budgeted our money, I tried to work in the summer, and we were OK. But some teachers were more grasshopper than ant, and their summers were hungry. So sometime around 1960 the checks started being split into 24 instead of 18 or 19. Immediately some people began griping about “teachers only work a few months, but they get paid all year.”

  6. I worked with the speaker of the house for over 30 yrs and he always had the best interest of all the people in the state of New Mexico no matter what your race. He was such a great leader and worked endlessly for the betterment of all. He worked so hard for state, city, county employees and teachers always working diligently
    to ensure that they were treated with the utmost respect that they deserved.

  7. She is a narsassistic, uneducated moron. Ps camel toe Martinez a cabinet woman’s position is to help enforce the pay inequality and such. Keep murdering horses, keep being opaque, keep getting cattle kickbacks welfare monger!

  8. It is sad to listen to all the recording, but proves a fact people who have or trying to have that power will do and say anything to get their and then when people backs are turned they talk crap, laugh and snort when making of the groups their talking to trying to get their support, for the school teachers sad they work their butts off to teach our children and yes they get summers off some of them, but you do it and see if u can all year long Susana Martinez and see how u do it. Regarding to Hispanic and women club well if you don’t know about it then please look into to it research it and you would know what it is all about. Really don’t be fake be really, don’t look down at people bring people up, don’t discriminate learn we are all the same no matter what race, job, or occupation we have, how much money or no money or what clubs their in.

  9. Gov. Martinez,

    You dishonor my Hispanic Community. What a disgrace you are. Change you name for you are not a Real Hispanic nor represents the best interest of my Hispanic Community.

  10. Yeah, too bad she didn’t do something like leave Americans to die in Bengahzi and then lie about it in a Congressional hearing. If she had done that, you guys would be supporting here presidential candidacy. After all, “at this point what difference does it make?”

  11. this lady must have had a bad experience with a teacher when she was a child or a teacher corrected her child in school ,or mom did not like it because the kid didn’t get first place on something, you have wicked people that like to bash teachers but then love it because they have a free babysitter . these teachers have to put up with all kinds of junk .The gov . has stepped in and taken the right away from the teachers on what to teach and the right away on what the principal can correct so no its not the teachers fault for any of the students not graduating or moving up to the next grade. SAY THANK YOU TO THE GOV. THAT STICKS ITS NOSE WHERE IT DOES NOT BELONG.

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