AMBER ALERT for Republican Legislators


For the second time in less than a week this morning’s House Voters and Elections Committee is missing a few legislators – every Republican to be exact.

All five Republican members of the committee were missing in action when the committee met this morning.  After spending weeks complaining that things in this short 30-day session were moving too slowly, Republicans simply collected their taxpayer-funded per diem and skipped out on their only job: legislating.

HVAC 021413

Although representatives are not paid a salary, taxpayers paid each absent member a per diem to be present and represent their constituents and get work done.

The missing members avoided debate on a Constitutional amendment to raise the minimum wage.  The bill passed the Senate last Friday.

Five days ago, all GOP members were MIA for debate on bills to lower class sizes, modernize our school funding formulas and ensure that the state’s education chief has education experience.  These are big issues that New Mexicans want addressed.

If you see a missing member, please take a picture and share on Twitter using the #NMLEG hashtag.

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